Journal #1

What struck me is that there is no true beginning of language. It’s the ultimate unanswered question and for me it is satisfying that the only plausible solution is the tower of Babel, that god is the only reason for the formation of language. Another part I found interesting was the chimpanzees, the mother was being trained to learn from words and cues and was only able to learn a few but her baby was able to learn over 500 different cues from the scientists and his mother. Their brains are not as developed as humans therefore they can never communicate and speak like we can. The baboons that were taken from their mothers at birth still grow up like baboons and not like human children because their brains don’t work like that. Being able to know where language comes from is the point of this book even though it’s the unanswered question. Helping students understand that we really don’t have a true start of language could be hard but giving our students some evidence and getting them to wrap there brains around how language formed could be a interesting lesson.


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