Journal #2

The structure of language cannot be built on just words it’s how they are organized and the complexity they are formed in. The example with the army and the hierarchy system is how language is formed as well. The fact that some languages can be translated to be the exact reverse of ow a sentence is said in English amazes me. No wonder it’s so hard to learn a new language. Reading chapter 2 made me think of a thought process I always would have while lying in bed at night. I would say the word like spoon over and over until it sounded strange to me then I would wonder how we decided to call a spoon a spoon. Another thought I had about the bible example was that if we re wrote the bible in today’s language what would that sound like. To see the progression of language throughout 4 centuries was interesting as well. Breaking down words and explaining how they came about could be really interesting to students because they always ask the question “why”. In my classroom I could have a poster about how words became what they are today.


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