Journal #3


Podcast_The Norman Conquest of 1066

This podcast was very interesting to me. First of all, the fact that they used the story and history of the English is entertaining and intriguing. The way words form from different relations is interesting like the words summer and autumn they are borrowed words from other languages. Some of the words started as War terms and originate from the army to the English language. Hearing the old English spoken after the reading was really cool to compare the way they were pronounced. This reminded me of this show I was watching on Netflix called Reign which is all about France and Scotland. Some of the words they use related to the Middle English. The podcast idea was very interesting to me because I enjoy listening to books on tape so this was perfect to listen to while walking to class and cleaning. Using the different ways for students will make them more interested in the subject. I will bring this into my classroom by entertaining my students with other forms of learning like podcasts.


4 stage model

Old English 500-1100 Germanic settlement of Britain

Middle English 1100-1500 Norman Conquest of Britain

Early modern English 1500-1700/1800 printing press

Modern English 1800-present American independence

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